Shoe Size Conversion

In order to be comfortable, you need to make sure that you are buying the right pair of shoes. Whether its a pair of trainers for your morning workout or sock shoes for your toddler, getting the perfect fit is needed and wanted. The size matters a lot because if you buy the wrong size, you will not be able to wear your shoes for long. More often than many people don’t even bother trying shoes on in the store because they assume it’ll fit them. A certain size may have fit you properly in the past but that does not insinuate that the same size will always fit you. It is fact that the size and shape of your feet change as you grow older. Another problem is with shoe size conversion. Some people don’t know about it and buy the wrong size. That is why you have to measure your foot size before you go for shoe purchasing.

Why Study Shoe Size Conversion?

This is important because shoe sizes may vary from brand to brand and country to country. The measurement can be different and on a different scale and thus you must know about shoe size conversion. Remember that toddler shoe size conversion and adult shoe size conversion are different. When you go to a store, you should check the conversion chart first. If you are purchasing online, make sure you go through the chart with the appropriate shoe size conversion.

The Different Systems and Shoe Sizes

Most countries simply follow the shoe size system they adopted from the most common source of footwear in a particular area. European would most likely follow the Europe or UK shoe size system while the North and South Americas would follow the US and Canadian shoe size system. Hence, other shoe size systems include systems from other countries like Japan, Mexico, Australia, Korea and others. Since the market is now global and products of each countries literally goes everywhere, shoe size conversion is now needed.

Aside from that fact of having different shoe size systems, it also differs of that of the men and that of the women. One would need to use a shoe size conversion chart if the needed information is not indicated in the footwear. However, there’s is not such formula regarding shoe size conversion but there are tons of shoe size conversion charts you can find online. If is highly recommended that you memorize your shoe size in all the present shoe size systems used by your favorite footwear brands for easy shopping.